Writing With Evernote

EvernoteWhether you are an engineer or producer trying to help an artist get settled to begin the recording process, or you are an artist writing and recording yourself, making sure all of your song concepts and lyric ideas are organized and together in one place can be a process in itself. There have been many times when I’m in the studio working with an artist and I see them struggling to find a word document or text file containing lyrics to a song that we need to record. On top of that, trying to get these documents to print can be a journey, especially when someone brings in a PC laptop that doesn’t have the necessary drivers or software to print. I’ve also spent a great bit of time trying to help an artist find lyrics written in a notebook that contains an artistic mess of sketches, notes, lyrics, phone numbers, grease stains from a McDonalds french fry, etc. I’ve even had sessions where an artist would hold their laptop near the mic to read the lyrics. After an hour, that laptop gets pretty heavy, and in return puts strain on the artists’ attention and recording affecting the actual recording. You can literally hear the struggle in their voice.

Evernote to the rescue! Evernote is an extremely useful app that allows you to store just about anything that you want to remember, take notes on, or just keep track of in general. Think of it as your second brain. I recommend this app to artists at almost every session. Lets say you start writing a song on your laptop. As soon as you pause for a moment, Evernote will save your progress, allowing you to open it on your phone, tablet, or just about any other device. No more losing notebooks, trying to hold your laptop, or printing out pages and pages of lyrics. You can even take a picture of hand-written lyrics with Evernote, and if you have decent handwriting, Evernote should recognize everything you wrote down, allowing you to quickly search for titles or a word from that piece of paper.

In addition to writing lyrics and ideas down, Evernote can also store your vocal ideas, melodies, beat boxing, etc.  You can keep ideas together in one file, all in one place, and instantly synced across all of your devices. There’s even folders and tags you can also add to each note for further organization.

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Do you have your own way of keeping track of your lyrics and ideas? Leave a comment below!