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In the lab with Novel & Trinidad James

In the lab with Novel & Trinidad JamesGreat session tonight with @novel1 and @trinidadjamesgg - great vibes all around. We made some bangers! [more]

Writing With Evernote

Writing With EvernoteWhether you are an engineer or producer trying to help an artist get settled to begin the recording process, or you are an artist writing and recording yourself, making sure all of your song concepts and lyric ideas are organized and together in one place can be a process in itself. There have been many times when I'm in the studio working with an artist and I see them struggling to find a word document or text file containing lyrics to a song that we need to record. On top of that, trying to get these documents to print can be a journey, especially when someone brings in a PC laptop that doesn't have the necessary drivers or software to print. I've also spent a great bit of time trying to [more]

New Release! Novel - Red Wine & Ambien II

New Release! Novel - Red Wine & Ambien IINew release from Novel! Click here to download the entire mixtape, including artwork. I had a blast adding drums on the "Don't Kill My Vibe" and "Hear Me Out" tracks- and "Molly" is still one of my favorite collaborations with Alex and Novel. Huge S/O to Kim, Alex, Ben, Teddy, & Tony! Always a pleasure working with talented, humble people. [more]

Free instrumental download - "aLone" - #FreebieFridays

Starting a new series called "Freebie Fridays" where I will give away a free track to be used for promotional use. If you would like to use any of these tracks for a commercial release, feel free to contact me to go over details. Be sure to send me any completed songs to that I can check them out. Fill out the form below to receive your download link. (Don't worry, I will never bombard your inbox.) [more]

New mailing list feature

Just setup a newsletter feature. Enter your information to receive occasional releases, news, useful tips and tricks related to audio production, and productivity. I will also be giving away a track or 2 every once in a while! No spamming 'round here-- don't worry! Click here to subscribe to my newsletter. I can't thank everyone enough for their support. [more]

Session time!

Session time!In the lab with the talented @brooklynnmusic, Nico Constantine, and James hall at tune pusher #newmusic on the way!!! #producerlife #studiolife [more]